Harmony and Alignment: The Embrace Pathway

Embark on a transformative journey to master your emotional well-being, harmonise the various dimensions of your life, and align with your truest self.




Are you ready to free yourself from the emotional upheaval that often accompanies midlife, and step confidently into a phase of personal empowerment?                                                                                                 



 Having the ups and downs of riding the rollercoaster of confidence

 Step-off the confusion path of 'Who Am I... now?'

 Beating yourself up about being 'out of control' due to hormonal fluctuations.

 Feeling anxious, overwhelmed and overtired throughout the day following a sleepless night

 Reacting with random burst of anger, irritability or tears due to fear of 'not being up to it' or 'losing it'

 Fighting self-doubt or feeling stressed out and sadness as you fear the loss of your youth and vitality

 Suffering silently with the physical, mental, emotional and environmental challenges of approaching midlife




Women aged 40+ in various stages of midlife and menopausal transition



 To make decisions in terms of the direction you want to go in, both professionally and personally

 To give up whatever is holding you back from being more productive

 An increase in real confidence and self belief as you look forward to the future

 To feel relieved to acknowledge and manage your stress levels

 A self-care approach to your life

 To be able to take time out when needed and not feel guilty

 Harmony in your home and a work life balance

 To feel free to show your feminine energies and accept challenges without fear

 Recognition by creating a more dynamic self in the workforce or your home life

 To be happy with your true self





 10 x 60 - 90mins 1:1 coaching sessions over 6 months (online)

 Harmonizing Lifestyle Evaluation Document

 Detailed Harmonizing Wellbeing Client Workbook containing a range of emotional wellbeing activities

 Energy Monitoring

 Two Audio meditations covering mindset realignment and relaxation

 Email Support within 48 hours




Self-care luxury hamper filled with goodies to help you discover your essence, to protect it and to realign your life to ensure you thrive from a place of balance, energy and vitality.




Time             - being physically, mentally and emotionally present during sessions 

                      - allocate time outside of meeting to continue working on yourself

                      - completion of activities set in preparation for next session 

Readiness    - to be committed to change 

                      - to be open to an exploration of inner work

                      - to face blindspots that maybe discovered  

                      - to be honest in relation to your emotional well-being and development 

Financial      - recognise the value in committing to a programme of inner work

                      - invest just £3300 to achieve the emotional wellbeing you desire



Contact me by booking a 30min Discover Your Inner Goddess call  let's see if we can create magic together


With ease and grace

Valerie x


This is what Andrea had to say...

In what way has the process changed or influenced your life? 

Although the process made me think about so many of the bad decisions that I made in my life. I recognised that the traumas that I had gone through have given me strength to keep going. As hard as it had been, I am trying to be more positive. I've started to take time out for myself, morning meditations, affirmations and I am grateful to get up in the mornings.

Which sessions were most powerful for you and why? 

Evaluating my life session brought up a lot of memories that I kept buried. Struggled a lot with the thought that a lot of the bad things that happened to me were my fault. But I now know that not all of them were my fault. It made me realised how I survived the bad times in my life and despite that to celebrate the actual achievements that I have made along the way.

Would you recommend this style of coaching to other people? 

YES! it made me look at myself and ultimately if I want to make changes I have to do it for myself. It made me realise that I can dwell on things that I could have put into action.

What did you most appreciate about Valerie’s style/approach?           

HONESTY Valerie told it as it is without sugar coating it. Other people have made me feel what I wanted to hear, providing a false sense of belief and security. Highly recommend this programme and of course Valerie. 

This is what Annmarie had to say...

In what way has the process changed or influenced your life? 

I have realised the strength of my bond with my close family and the amazingly positivity, love and support I get from being part of that circle.

I have come to believe and understand that this really is my time now, to explore, develop and meet my own needs.

I am happy spending time doing things which are just for me and I am adding me to my sense of purpose.

Which sessions were most powerful for you and why? 

The most powerful session was the Mirror work.  This is where I had the biggest lightbulb moment. How much my life of ‘SHOULD’s has been influenced by being a daughter and a mother. Now I am able to really decide what is the reason that I am doing something; what is it doing for me and do I really want to do it?

It has been very liberating!!

Would you recommend this style of coaching to other people? 

Yes, I would.

What did you most appreciate about Valerie’s style/approach? 

I found Valerie to be passionate, compassionate, insightful, and challenging at the right times. I really appreciated when she saw something which I had not seen and shared it with me in such a way that it really helped raise my awareness and increased my learning about myself.  

She’s great!!

This is what Sonya had to say...

In what way has the process changed or influenced your life? 

It made me reassess my life and appreciate what I've got. I know I've always got support from my aunties and uncle but I shouldn't rely on them to keep helping me out.

Which sessions were most powerful for you and why? 

Revisiting my past and seeing how much I have grown. Taking knock backs - mum issues, getting divorce putting the responsibility back to where they belong. Looking in the mirror one was very deep, didn't think it would be so hard but it was so powerful and I like me (though a few pounds off would be great too, put that down to IBS) 

Would you recommend this style of coaching to other people? 

Absolutely, yes different things every week brilliant!

What did you most appreciate about Valerie’s style/approach? 

Valerie has a calm, patient, very honest and supportive nature. She made me rethink about different approaches to situations, She reminded me about my strengths and that I could be who I want to be. Life isn't over. I felt that she really cared about me. Valerie is a brilliant coach who I would highly, highly recommend. So warm and smiley.