Beki S

'I started using Valerie as my life coach as I felt I was stuck in a bit of a rut and never really followed anything through. I told Valerie what it was I was aiming for and asked help etc, with Valerie's ambitious approach we decided for me to write down some goals etc, she explained the best ways to reach these goals and was always very professional along with being very realistic. There was no pressure to feel like I had to get things done as a matter of urgency but more so guidance on how to reach them in a time that fitted around my lifestyle and work.

I would personally recommend Valerie to family and friends as I believe that the coaching has change my outlook on so many things and has given me exactly what I wanted from it. Valerie is a soft spoken, respectful and down to earth lady and I will definitely be booking more sessions next year to follow through with some new goals I have in mind.'  


Jennifer T

'Having never worked with a life coach before I can’t lie, I was a little nervous about what the process would involve, but after about 2 minutes I realised there was no need to be worried at all. Valerie quickly put me at ease with her warm welcome and easy manner. From my first meeting with Valerie, I felt that I was working with someone who was truly listening to my disorganised and unformulated ideas. Through a series of insightful and thoughtful questions, she enabled me to gain clarity and articulate my goals and issues. Valerie has a really upbeat and positive attitude, which comes across during the sessions. She is always encouraging whilst also making me challenge myself to think differently and achieve my goals. 

The weekly sessions were led by topics I wanted to discuss, with Valerie quickly helping me to articulate and formulate the direction the meeting was to take. She has a really effective way of drawing out issues and approaches I hadn’t thought about, just from the conversation. Her manner of encouraging me to reflect on my actions and thoughts really did challenge me to address some of the perceptions I have of myself and the unseen barriers I have put up. I was encouraged to take notes and actions down during the sessions, which allowed me to work through actions between sessions. I particularly found Valerie’s manner of making me articulate my goals empowering. She also helped me recognise that if I didn’t meet each small action that this was not the ‘end of the world’ meaning that I could be honest with myself about any setbacks and view them in a positive way, an opportunity for growth rather than giving up (my previous default setting).

Since working with Valerie, I have developed (and stuck to) an exercise plan which allows me flexibility whilst getting fitter. I have also begun my journey towards further study and qualification, with the focus shifted from a strict timeframe to a goal of achieving in the long term, which I feel much more confident of realising. This has enabled me to reflect on my past and present achievements and to really recognise them for what they are for the first time. Before the sessions, I was also looking to develop a wider social circle, particularly hard after moving to a new area. Valerie made suggestions I hadn't thought of and I've followed these up and am enjoying a wider number of social interactions. 

In summation, working with Valerie has been an incredibly positive experience, she has unlocked the potential I know is lurking in there and she has given me the skills and impetus to achieve them. I wholeheartedly recommend working with her.'


Nicky T

Diamond Mines LTD

'I thoroughly enjoyed Valerie’s coaching which really helped me to focus on my businesses and think through what I wanted to achieve, what skills I was bringing to them and how best to make use of them. I particularly valued her ability to ask incisive questions to help me shake up my assumptions, generate new approaches and avenues to explore. I always felt Valerie listened to me well and maintained a genuine interest in my progress which kept me accountable in taking the actions I’d come up with. 

Her calm and relaxed manner helped me to relax, open up and get the most from the sessions. 

Thanks to Valerie’s skillful and professional coaching, I’d say I’ve made great strides in my businesses which I know I would definitely not have made by myself. 

I highly recommend Valerie  as a coach.'


Jess W

'Being coached by Valerie was of hugely benefit for me. Valerie was easy to speak to, friendly and created a really warm and trusting environment. Valerie helped me explore the issues I was having at work and was instrumental in helping me to make some really big decisions about what I wanted to do with my career.

Thank you Valerie for your support.'


Tanya Ritchie

Tanya R

Training and Quality Lead at DAI

'I always been hesitant with regards to seeking assistance with my life goals as I always thought if I can't figure it out, how can anyone else. However, Valerie's calming and supportive approach helped ease my fears. I was not told what my goals were but I was encouraged and steered into the realisation that I already knew. I already had the answers within me and by the coaching sessions with Valerie, I was able to set personal objectives in a controlled and manageable way.

There was structure to the coaching sessions but it did not feel forced or like an tense interview. Valerie's casual questions acted like cues which triggered me to open up and to really have a conversation with myself on who I am, where I am at now, where I want to be and with the assistance of her communication and listening style, helped me to figure out how I am going to get there.

It feels a lot more rewarding on a personal level that I was able to determine my story confidently. I use the lessons and guidance to progress within my professional world but also implement the same attitude within my personal life.

I recommend Valerie to assist you with unravelling the multiple "I may do this" conversations in your head to the "I am going to do this" actions in you life.'


Caroline S 

'I have really enjoyed all my sessions with Valerie!

I came to her with a wild idea and her timely questions guided me through to an interesting conclusion with many realisations along the way.

I now feel I have a clear route to achieving more personal growth and satisfaction through my planned endeavours that I did when I started. I understand the motivation behind this particular project better and that has stopped me rushing at it like I usually do with projects - like a bull at a gate.

There was a particular moment of "ideas hedonism" that I got stuck in that she waved her magic wand of questions at and "Voila" I could see a clear way through.

Valerie is warm and positive and calm in her approach and I felt completely safe in her hands. She enabled me very elegantly with her timing.

It has been a really good experience and I would recommend her to anyone wanting some life coaching! 

Thank you Valerie.'


Jo A

Operations Manager

'Working with Valerie has had a wonderful effect on me. My mindset has dramatically changed, along with my focus and drive. These changes I have experienced are now, having long lasting positive results with my everyday life. All which I feel totally confident to use as new "forever" life skills.

Valerie was able to extract a mentality that I realise now, I already had, but was not fully aware of how to use and develop it to its greatest strength. My new mindset has been my most valued gain from my sessions with Valerie

Every session, Valerie appeared with her welcoming beaming smile, that instantly put me at ease. she has a wonderful caring, relaxed manner, allowing the sessions to flow smoothly. Often after a question there could be a long silence on my part, that did not feel uncomfortable, but instead gave me time to really dig into my thoughts, producing clarity with my answers.

Valerie quickly understood my ways and learnt to gently question my "why" in order for me to be sure I could meet my goals and actions. If ever I struggled with my results, I was given empathy and encouraging opportunities to learn and develop from these dips. These tools I now use daily with such pleasure and gratitude.

I am so grateful for my sessions with Valerie, who has a truly unique and passionate way. I would without doubt recommend having coaching sessions with Valerie'