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A little bit about me...


Hi I'm Valerie Ritchie an Advocate and Coach who works with professional women experiencing the 'emotional chaos' of midlife, to reconnect with their true self; to embrace change; to harmoniously align with the natural cycles of their body by stepping into their divine feminine power.

Reaching the age of 40 was a celebrated landmark of my life where living life on purpose was a path I was determined to follow. But as we know there is no A - Z in life. So not long after meeting my now former husband to be Andy, the path I was on started to deviate. That deviation was menopause...that's right early 40's, boom! Meno!

Being told I was post-menopausal was devastating to both me and my ex partner. This crushing blow signalled the loss of opportunity to welcome a child of our own into the world. It had an unexpected impact. 

Anger, Frustration, Blame, Despair, Loss, Realisation, Grief.

Though fully supported I questioned my next step, my role, my purpose in life.


'This isn't the life I am meant to live. There's something more!'


'What now?' 'Who am I?' 'Is this it?' Questions shared by many.


Opening up about my experiences through coaching, reflection and acceptance; using my skills as an educator, researcher and life long learner of personal development. I began my journey of transformation from Chaos to Harmony.

Let me tell you. The journey of transformation isn't easy. It isn't a destination. It's about belief. My belief! Your belief! Transformation requires you to rethink. Deep!

I went through different stages. 

Denial - going through withdrawal and focussing on the past 

Resistance - anger, blame, anxiety and depression 

Exploration - confusion, guilt, 'if only', chaos and energy, lacking focus

Commitment - finding support, acceptance, improved focus, setting long term goals and looking ahead.


We are all different. We are unique. We are individuals. Somethings resonate, others don't. But you get the picture.


    Great you say!          Well, done you!           Well, done me!           Wait!            What about....                            

Menopause           AND           Mid-life 


Like I said transformation isn't easy. If it wasn't bad enough that I'm menopausal but now, I was officially in the mid stage of my life!

When did this happen and what did I know about menopause? Well, hot flushes, night sweats, belly fat and moods, moods and more moods. Yep that should cover it. But no and I mean NO.


(In)Sanity - brain fog, weepy for no reason, frustration, dipping confidence, don't know what i'm doing want, I'm not good enough, feeling old.

Relationships - annoying, defensive, lower toleration levels, stress, loss of identity, fear of change, imposter syndrome, reducing circle of friends, divorce.

Physical - low energy, low libido, fatigue, reduced recovery, injuries (dodgy knees), migraines, appetite fluctuations, reduced muscle tone and an increasing waist line, can't be bothered.

External - ageing parents, death, job security, age comparisons, (at least I didn't have to go through empty nest syndrome).


For me surgical menopause and HRT patches sorted a lot out. But how do you know, that you are going through menopausal transition? What does it look like for you? Do you even know? Do you want to know?


As for midlife, how far away I'm I from being old? Isn't 50 the new 40? I'm I past it? Is it 'back in my day' time? You have to laugh (or cry). Sounds like I was talking about midlife rather than meno, right. Same symptoms, similar or different? Thought provoking. here's something for you to consider. How do you want to live your MID life?



'When you understand not just the physical changes but also the emotional changes that you are going through, menopause and mid-life can mark the start of an exciting and liberating new time of life'. 


The journey of transformation is a portal to adventure that lies ahead filled with opportunities, for shedding our old growth; discovering aspects of our lives and of our selves, and the potential for a more fulfilling life yet to be lived. It was time to let go. I made the move. 

'What do I really, really, really want to do?' 


'To use my skills, talents and experience developed over thirty plus years helping to transform young adults lives through education to working with women experiencing the same or similar challenges as I had, expectations of finding a sense of purpose faced in mid-life.'


With a revamping of my mindset, my beliefs and the way I think. I focus on the positives not the negatives; focus on the opportunities rather than the obstacles. Align my feminine energy with my masculine energy. Accept that I am the mistress of my life and I have control. I up-skilled to become a coach.

Using the tools, strategies and coaching programmes developed ensures that when working with me, you will be challenged to take the steps necessary to let go and move on; through self-awareness, new discoveries and insights, with passion and purpose, aligned with a new sense of identity. 

With my calm, warm and friendly coaching manner I am disciplined, dedicated and focussed. My intuitive, open and honest approach allows you as my  client to feel fully supported in the knowledge that I will always have your back.

Some of my qualifications include a Masters degree in Health Sciences and a Bachelors degree in Exercise and Health Sciences from the University of Salford and I am certified through The Coaching Academy as a Personal Performance Coach. If you want to know more.  Just ask.

Outside of my passion of coaching, I love most sports, still play Masters Basketball (knees permitted) and was a former elite athlete representing Great Britain at two World Masters Power Lifting Championships gaining overall silver in my weight category in consecutive years (a little boast). 

I would love to work with you. Just take the first step to Discover Your Inner Crone Goddess. Speak soon.

Valerie x

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