The Crone - Embracing my Inner Goddess

 The Midlife Musings of a Crone - Goddess of Wisdom


2021 - What now? Embracing your inner Crone 


It's 2021, I'm entering my 54th year!!! How did that happen? Wow, time sure does fly. I digress (or was it brain fog?). 

Anyway, it's time to take my power back - what power you may ask. Like a shero flying in a superhero film, like a phoenix rising from the ashes. Shaking off the chains of 2020, I've discovered I am a Crone!! 

Yes, ladies, a Crone! 

So what is a crone? - You ask, I asked. Is it an old evil hag; a crooked-back witch-like old woman in Snow White; a woman past her prime; a grey haired old biddy or is it one of the crowning triple phase of the ancient Triple Goddess: Maiden/Mother/Crone.

But what sort of cronery are we talking about in modern day society?

 It's Midlifery.

Within the era of Lockdown, reflection rose its might head. You know what I mean. We've all been reflecting during 2020 and we're still doing it now. But this is not about Covid, although this may have highlighted and heighten it, no this is about entering midlife. The phenomenon described as a psychological crisis brought about by events that highlight a woman's growing age, inevitable mortality, and possibly lack of accomplishments in life. The time in life where things happen, change, implode, metamorphoses, are exposed, laid bared, transformed. The time of Menopausal transition, from peri to post. The time in life where acceptance may be easier said than swallowed. 

Midlifery has arrived. Yay! And how do we treat it. With disdained, dread, horror and overwhelming despair. 

Well, fear not, women in transition. The circle of life has blessed you with this third stage where you can take back, own and truly be yourself. 

Think back to childhood where you were free of responsibility, when your favourite question was why, you were curious, loved to explore, had great imagination, were accepting of others, you were innocence, resilient, believed in fairy tales, expressed your love freely, you shared, you were content. This was your first stage.


Although, not all of us shared these childlike traits or characteristics but as a child we were born ready to be who we truly are. External forces changed, shaped and moulded us to their ideas and expectations not ours. Rules and regulations, goals and dreams, limits and limitations. We already had the blueprint of life laid out to which some of us continued on the path whilst others diverted. You know inside, which path you took. This was stage two.


Let's enter stage three. The circle of life (or life cycle) refers to the transition through birth, survival, (life) and death. Just like the Moon phases - waxing, full, waning, (new); or the seasons spring, summer, (autumn) winter; body, mind and spirit; beginning, middle and end; divisions completing time - past, present, and future. Notice how the number three occurs throughout life (though modern society always tries to add a fourth). 

Now consider the circle of life being a woman - Maiden, Mother, (Queen), Crone. Myth or reality, these characteristics of life which we all follow to a degree regardless.

    • Maiden - young and free, exploring, youth, vitality, innocence, full of life, without a care in the world; 

    • Mother - creation, fertility, motherhood, responsibility, provider, nurturer, loving and giving; 

    • Crone - sharing of wisdom, freedom, personal power, knowledge, experience, guidance, introspection, death.

 You see when you get to a "certain age" things change. In fact all hell breaks loose. Body, mind and soul. You enter the 'bitch' stage, the 'who are you?' stage, the 'I don't give a shit' stage, the 'there's more to life' stage you get the idea. Basically a change, a transition, a transformation whether you like it or not. So isn't it time to recognise 'the change', appreciate it and ask yourself 'What now?' 

Midlifery gives you the opportunity to get back on your path, to take your child like traits to venture into the unknown with in trepidation, excitement, acceptance and with the wisdom that comes with embracing your inner Crone. 

With age and maturity the Crone has greater freedom to live her life in the way that she wants to, not restrained by the wants and needs of anybody else. So ask yourself ' what do I really want now? Ask and it shall be given.

Awaken the Goddess in you -

  1. Take time out to be by yourself, sit in silence;
  2. Be open to receiving;
  3. Slow down and relish the simple pleasures in life;
  4. Love your body;
  5. Honour your boundaries;
  6. Dream big and visualise what you want;
  7. Take a walk in nature;
  8. Embrace your emotions. 

The Crone - Embracing My Inner Goddess