Luminous Wisdom: SOPHIA

In March 2021, Valerie received an invitation to submit a writing sample to Sibella Publications, the publishing company of Luminous Wisdom: Sophia.  This is an online wellness and spirituality publication with articles written by women for women.  Sibella Publications boasts an International audience of subscribers numbering 75,000+.

As of June 2021, Valerie is one of the 25 new writers chosen to become a contributing article writer for the 2021-2022 publications series. As each monthly article is submitted, they will also be posted on this website for you enjoy. 


page4image26812400   Welcome to Luminous Wisdom: SOPHIA!

JUNE 2021 Luminous Wisdom: Sophia (LWS)   Article no 1. Visibility - I See Me!


July 2021 Luminous Wisdom: Sophia (LWS).  Article no 2. Life, it’s just beginning, again.


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